Critical Data and Rates

Active Listings: 284
Pending Listings: 167
Demand Rate: 59%

15 Year Mortgage Rate: 3.25%
30 Year Mortgage Rate: 3.625%

1. Selling? This is the bottom bottom line.

Real Estate Reality…..

Just like the surgeon, who takes all your vital signs, knows your history and your blood type, before cutting you open….I will gather all your information and review your goals, then review the current market conditions in detail before we take action by unveiling your property to the open market.

But the bottom bottom line is this.

2. What are the Fundamentals of a Residential Real Estate Transaction in Centre County?

This is the best template I can provide. These are the 4 Primary steps to generate a transaction settlement/closing.

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“The problem with winter sports is that – follow me closely here – they generally take place in the winter.”

– Dave Barry

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