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Market Data

This data is based on information from the Centre County Association of REALTORS® MLS for the period indicated. Totals include all existing single family residential properties located in the following school districts: SCASD, BEASD, BASD, PVSD as of the first business day of each month.

1. Mishmash Month…

A. The Monthly Demand Rate remains well over 100%, if you want to “commit” real estate in the last quarter of 2021….go ahead.

B. Homeownership Management requires much more lead time. If you have some projects on your “to do” list that require hiring a service provider…..it could take 6 -12 months to get on your provider’s schedule. Plan ahead!!

C. Mortgage Interest Rates are like the weather….you have absolutely no control over them. The rate is the rate. Can you afford the monthly payment at the current interest rate and do you want to buy that property? Yes, there is a good chance interest rates will rise over the next 12 -24 months. If they do, it will be a fact. Don’t fuss too much about facts.

D. The best way to describe how I assist my seller clients in setting the “unveiling price” on their property is “Process Pricing”….I follow a process, that has multiple steps over a period of time that is based on my clients goals.

E. In general….Time Management is the single most important component in Project Management. The sale and/or Purchase of your property is a Project. We must develop a schedule and do all we can to be on time.

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Next Month, 2 Winners will each receive a $50 Gift Card to Wegmans.

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“Doubt is unpleasant, but certainty is absurd.”

– Voltaire

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