Critical Data and Rates

Active Listings: 328
Pending Listings: 161
Demand Rate: 49%

15 Year Mortgage Rate: 3.25%
30 Year Mortgage Rate: 3.625%

1. The Numbers…

Total number of closed existing Residential Home Sales, Year to Date in the following School Districts, Data Provided by the Centre County Assoc of Realtor MLS.

My, My, My aren’t we steady! Some analysts might see 5.5% fewer home sales in the State College Area School District year to date as dramatic, but I do not. We are a relatively small market and year to date numbers only tell a partial story.

General Real Estate Comments Like:

It’s a sellers market.
It’s a buyers Market
Location, Location, Location
The Market is Hot.
The Market is Cold.
Etc, etc, etc……

Are basically just simple mindsets from the simple-minded.

While it is swimming upstream for my industry, I simply will not allow any of these comments to leave my lips. Every single one of my active clients has decided to sell or buy a property.

If I assist my seller clients in developing the correct pricing strategy in a “Buyers Market”…their home will sell for Fair Market Value

If I assist my qualified buyer clients in structuring an offer on a property in a “Sellers Market”….they will secure a property at Fair Market Value.

If I am chatting with you about Real Estate and you have no plans to buy or sell, then my views are as valuable as guessing the weather forecast for April 12, 2025.

If we are talking and you are planning to sell or buy a property in the near future, I will ask you a tremendous amount of questions, conduct an in-depth analysis of the current market conditions and then provide an outline designed to achieve the best results the market will bear in a time frame that works for you. It is not flashy, it’s not that exciting, it is just effective.

I provide some Numbers and Market Data each month, so my clients have access to a General Overview of current market conditions and don’t have to rely on “chatter”.

When it is time to actually sell or buy we will take a more detailed approach.

2. Client Commitment Update

All Realtors work “in Real Estate”.

But just like we all “live in our homes”, we need to budget time and money to “work on our homes”. A leaking roof or furnace that doesn’t provide heat is simply unacceptable.

So while I am always working “in Real Estate” (listing and selling properties)….I am always working “on my Real Estate Services” as well.

Here is a brief overview of what that means for my clients.

1. Constant Training. Attended three 1 week training seminars in last 12 months.

What is happening in the industry, what direction is it headed, what are the new technologies, how do we communicate better to our clients, etc. Training budget per 12 months $5000 – $7500

2. Hardware/Software…time is of the essence in managing a Real Estate Transaction. Period.

I update all of my business Hardware and Software components and systems every three years. System Malfunctions can and will occur. My commitment is keeping them to a minimum by updating everything before it gets old and starts to fail. Client Contracts must get executed. Hardware/Software upgrade budget per 36 months $10,000 – $15,000

3. Business Vehicle…..May seem silly….but I generally don’t cancel appointments.

I have had some ridiculous work vehicles over the years (meaning, stupid expensive). That said, what I mean by “work vehicle”….is something less than 3 years old, with All Wheel Drive, snow tires in winter and always maintained to manufacturer specifications. Again, may seem silly but I will be able to get to the closing, home inspection, showing, appraisal, etc. Business Vehicle budget per 12 months $7000 – $14,000

4. Monthly Email to my Clients.

Even though I know for some of you it is junk mail most of the time. I also know that providing this content on a consistent monthly basis keeps you informed “at your option”.

Meaning….”don’t read it or look at it if you don’t want to”, but it will be there just in case you need to start thinking about or planning for an upcoming sale or purchase. You want a quick sense of where mortgage rates are? You want a quick sense of what market conditions are? Monthly Email to Clients budget per 12 months $8,000 – $12,000

5. Website.

Buying, Selling, Owning in Centre County….Simply a solid resource 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Website Budget per 12 months $4800

I suppose these are the foundation of my service commitment to my clients.

Again, not exciting, not flashy…just consistently there for you and your family to count on.

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– Benjamin Franklin

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